Monday, September 15, 2008

Are Republican Values *Your* Values?

Despite how innocuous and down-home friendly John McCain and Sarah "Oh Shoot" Palin seem, it is the stated policy of the Republican Party to call for a federal constitutional amendment not only banning gay marriage but also ensuring "that judges cannot make other arrangements equivalent to it" (a.k.a., no civil unions either, nor even those "legal agreements" McCain keeps saying he supports).

It's also the Party's stated policy to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn "Roe v. Wade," allowing States to ban completely even early-term abortions. Like most Americans, including Sen. Obama, I'm against late-term abortions, but come on? Even banning the morning-after pill?

If these policies are also your policies, then McCain/Palin is your team. No doubt about it, if you want a gay marriage amendment or an overturning-Roe amendment, Obama is not your guy. I just think it's important that folks don't delude themselves into thinking gay and choice issues would look the same under a McCain administration as they would under an Obama administration.

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Mike said...

Our values also include giving tax breaks to those who most deserve it, like middle class millionaires; they include torturing those who hate America; bombing the Muslims back to the stone age; removing the filth from our television screens; helping oil companies and drug manufacturers and HMOs innovate through tax breaks; and bailing out our financial institutions if they fail. But, as for those below the poverty line of $250,000 a year, God love ya, through hard work and perserverance eventually your lives will get better as the wealth trickles down. Meanwhile enjoy your cheap HDTVs from Walmart that you bought on your Chase cards!