Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sen. Obama is Not a Muslim -- No Matter How Many Crazies Say So, or How Loudly They Say It

Last weekend, my home church in Clay City, Illinois -- First Baptist -- hosted a “Conference on the Muslim Faith,” featuring Mr. Usama Dakdok. Though in theory Dakdok was invited to speak about the differences between Islam and Christianity, he spent a good deal of his time spreading outrageous lies about Sen. Barack Obama, claiming among other things that Obama is a Muslim. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here he is, in all his glory: Usama Dakdok.

I didn't make the trip home from Chicago for the occasion, but Dakdok has been to First Baptist before, so I know his m.o. And apparently, as Sen. Obama's star has risen, so has Dakdok's; the more people get to know Sen. Obama, the more lucrative Dakdok's Obama-bashing industry has become. I've heard reports out of Clay City that at least where Dakdok's car is concerned, he seems to be doing quite well for himself.

According to Dakdok’s website,, he bases his belief that Obama is a Muslim on three main facts: (1) Obama has a Muslim-sounding name; (2) Obama spent time in a Muslim school in Indonesia; and (3) Obama was born of Muslim blood. Putting it as gently as I can, this is pure hogwash.

First, a man named Usama Dakdok is hardly in a position to claim someone else’s name sounds too Muslim. I don’t doubt Dakdok’s Christianity, and he shouldn’t doubt Sen. Obama’s. In Christianity, the only Name that matters is Jesus.

Second, Obama went to a public school in Indonesia for two years. There, much in the same way that Christianity used to be taught in American public schools, Islam was taught part of the day because there was no separation of church and state. That no more makes Obama a Muslim than saying morning prayers in middle school made American children of the 1950s Christians.

Third, though Sen. Obama is not now, nor has he ever been, a Muslim, even if he had been as a child, that would not preclude him from claiming Christ as his Savior. Any number of legitimate news sources have debunked the Obama-as-Muslim rumors. You can check that here at You can read Sen. Obama's famous 2006 Call to Renewal Address here, in which he speaks about the importance of faith -- and for him, his Christian faith -- in public life. You can watch him give that speech here. You can read the non-partisan debunk the Muslim rumors about him here, in a January 2008 piece. You can watch Sen. Obama speak at Apostolic Church of God in Chicago on Father's Day 2008, about the importance of personal responsibility and fatherhood.

A man with whom I am honored to share not only a party, but a faith in Christ: Barack Obama.

But even if Obama had been a Muslim by birth, why should that mean we can't take him at his word that he's a Christian now?

The Apostle Paul spoke in Ephesians of folks who “were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise.” But Paul went on to say that these people who used to be strangers “were made nigh by the blood of Christ.” Christ has "broken down the middle wall of partition between us," and through Him all have access by the Holy Spirit to God the Father.

Sen. Obama has written and spoken frequently of the day two decades ago when he walked down the aisle of his church and confessed Christ as Savior. At that moment, the same blood that saved the Gentiles in Ephesus brought Sen. Obama nigh to God, no matter what faith Obama’s father professed. In fact, just a few weeks ago at Pastor Rick Warren’s church, Obama told a television audience of millions that “Jesus Christ died for my sins, and I am redeemed through Him.”

In this election season, it is natural that some folks will disagree strongly with Sen. Obama over real issues, such as affordable health care, middle-class tax relief, job creation, and military rebuilding. But folks should make their decisions based on the facts, not a bunch of hateful lies.

I don’t know Dakdok’s motives, and only God can look on his heart. Maybe he truly believes that Sen. Obama is a Muslim; if he does, I pray that God will speak truth to his heart.

But I know that the message he and others like him -- even prominent politicians -- are spreading is a lie. I know that God hates a lying tongue, and I know that Satan is the Father of Lies. If Dakdok is lying for his own gain, or if he opposes Sen. Obama’s calls for change and thinks that lying is the only way to stop him, then I call on Dakdok to stop these lies, and I encourage Christians and all people of goodwill to reject the false witness Dakdok and other hateful people are bearing against my brother in Christ, Barack Obama.


A Watchman said...

I am sorry Sir that you believe my friend, Usama Dakdok, is a liar. Usama has put his life on the line to tell foolish Christians, such as yourself, the truth about Islam and Obama for one reason, to try and save America from the fate of the Middle East and Europe! You believe Obama to be a Christian? How do you justify his support for abortion and gay marriage? If you think that is Christian, you are not a Christian yourself. That may be why you think my friend is the liar and Obama is the Christian. I personally have begged Usama to go out and expose the truth about Obama, thinking that Christians need to know it in order to save this country! But you Sir, have shown me that America has fallen further from God than I could ever image.
You, as a Christian, are in danger from any Muslim who believes and practices the Quran because it teaches to kill Christians and Jews. (Quran or Koran 47:4 and 5:72-73) Will you take time to go read those verses? No? Well that's why Usama is out trying to teach Americans about Islam and the book of the Muslim faith, the Quran. You remember 9-11? Why did Muslims attack us? You don't know? Ask my friend from Eqypt, Usama. He can tell you. Also why they killed 4 million Eqyptians!
The answer? Islam! The Muslim faith!

Usama speaks, read and writes Arabic the language of the Quran and Islam. He risks his life to warn Christians that Islam promotes lying to further the goals of Islam. Your dear Barack Hussein Obama is friends with Louis Farrakan, Rev Jeremiah Wright, and admires Malcolm X by his own words in his own books. Do you know who they are? Do you know what they teach?
If you call yourself a Christian, do not shame my Lord Jesus Christ with your foolish statements that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian!
There is more evidence that Obama is a Muslim than there is that you are a Christian. If you are truly born again and saved by Jesus' Blood than please pray, seek the Lord, pray for the truth about this!

I pray every Christian will do the same before they vote this follower of Antichrist into office of President of the USA. If this happens our nation will fall by God's judgement.

I urge all Christians to find the truth! Go to Usama's site for yourself:

By the way, my friend makes almost nothing from his ministry. He makes his income from other work when he can. He gave up a lucrutive business to live a limited life traveling to teach others the truth.
What have you done for the Lord, Sir? what have you done to save the unborn (innocent blood) from being murdered every day in this falling nation? Read Ezekiel 16 to find out how God judged Jerusalem for this sin.

You support Obama? May God have mercy on you and the other foolish Christian in this nation who will bring God's judgement on the USA, if His people don't repent.

Jen said...

Thank you. Our church also hosted Dakdok earlier this year, and I sat through one night of his seminar before becoming completely frustrated with his methodology. I found out tonight the pastor still receives updates from Dakdok, NOT to inform us of particular Muslims he'd like prayer for, or for stories of people changing their minds and their faith, but repeated slanders on Sen. Obama. For an evangelist, his "good news" seems to consist primarily of the possibility of convincing every American that Muslims should be feared and Sen. Obama is the devil incarnate.

I personally appreciate Colin Powell's statement in his endorsement of Sen. Obama - that the senator is a Christian, not a Muslim. But even if he were a Muslim, so what? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? No.

Levi said...

Jen, glad to hear you testify. Get a load of the guy who commented above you, btw.

I'd be happy to hear more about your church and your experience. Are you near Illinois or Missouri, or does Dakdok have a broader range than I thought?

Also, how did you find my post? I'd be interested to know.

It seems like Democrats always think Republicans are stupid and backwards, and Republicans always think Democrats are anti-American and anti-Christian. I wish we could find some middle ground.

musical_prayer said...

Though it has been a while since this site was posted, my church has had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Mr. Dakdok. The only reason you do not like him is because he speaks of the hardcore truths that most Christians do not want to hear. I was delighted to meet Usama and to speak with him. He has such knowlege that is hard to find in this world. I am flabbergasted at the hatred and mockery you have shown to a fellow Christian. For example "Get a load of the guy who commented above you, btw". You are displaying hatred and trying to stir up hurt and anger from the guy who refers to himself as "A Watchman". Exactly how is that comment helpful? Loving? Such as the kind of emotion Jesus commanded us to use. So, taking up for my fellow brother, Usama... and also the one you mocked, we are Christians. Our president now... no longer Senator as he was when this was made, he is a liar. He is Muslim, and he will be the end of the USA because of people like you. God have mercy on your soul for the blasphemy you display for all to see... and call yourself Christians. I can only pray you have repented since hanging this dark shroud in front of the onlookers and sigh and shake their heads. God the Father is the only one who you will have to face come judgement day. What will you say then?

Levi said...

Well then, he's a heck of a secret-keeper. I guess maybe he's waiting to spring his Islam on us in the second administration. Then we'll really be in trouble. *rolls eyes* I remain exceptionally proud of the job he's doing and the faith he professes.

metoou said...

again i say. The bible tells us to look at their fruits, if killing babies and marrying gays are fruits of a christian then you go to a different church than I do. Learn what a Godly person is before you claim to be one, open that book called bible up and read some

Levi said...

(1) I do go to a different church than you do, quite obviously. In my church -- the Episcopal Church -- we don't lie about our president. We pray for him, and for Congress and the Supreme Court, and for all the people who hold authority in the world. We did the same for the last president, and we'll do the same for the next president, whomever it is.

(2) Judging the president by his fruits, I'd say he's doing a heck of a job. He saved not just the American economy, but the global economy, from the brink of collapse. Millions of kids and middle-class folks who couldn't afford health insurance before are now going to have it. The war in Iraq is over, the war in Afghanistan has been revamped and refocused to maximize our chances of success. People who'd been imprisoned in Guantanamo and elsewhere for almost the entire Bush presidency are now being either turned loose, if there's no evidence against them, or tried and convicted, if there is. Credit card companies now have a heck of a lot harder time preying on weak and desperate people, thanks to financial reform. The federal government is back in the business of loaning students money directly, rather than wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars paying third parties to service the loans. Roads are being repaved, bridges rebuilt. He takes responsibility and apologizes when he's wrong. And he's not even been at it two years! Judging by his fruits, I'd say he's the best president we've had in a quarter of a century. Thanks for encouraging us all to reflect on how great he's doing.

(3) It's a long way from "You shall know them by their fruits" to "killing babies and marrying gays makes you a Muslim." First of all, traditionalist Muslims agree with you about both abortion and homosexuality. The penalty for homosexuality in coutries like Saudi Arabia and Iran is death. Maybe you'd like to move there. It seems you've got a lot in common with your Muslim brothers and sisters.

(4) I defy you to bring me a list of the names (a) of the women whose babies the president has killed and (b) of the gay couples whose weddings he's performed.

(5) As long as we're using the Bible as a bludgeon, let me tell you which Scripture you and your cohorts call to my mind: Romans 3:13-18. “Their throat is an open tomb; with their tongues they have practiced deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips, whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; destruction and misery are in their ways, and the way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

Your tongue -- and your typing fingers -- spread deceitful lies about the president. You are angry and bitter. Your feet are swift to shed blood, metaphorically, by wounding your brothers and sisters in Christ. You destroy peace of mind and cause misery to others by getting them worked into a frenzy with these falsehoods. And if you really feared God -- I mean the way that Isaiah feared Him in Chapter 6 -- I don't know how you could say such obviously, provably false things about not just another person, but another Christian, in good conscience.

Yahya Snow said...

I guess you folk are not surprised; Usama Dakdok is involved in a scandal regarding his outburst on a Christian TV show:

I will do more posts about Usama Dakdok in the future in order to warn people away from this charlatan. The man is not qualified but is cashing in on people's ignorance. More about Usama Dakdok:

Leah Lax said...
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Leah Lax said...
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andy said...

To the guy that was going on and on about all the things Obama has done for the country...IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BIBLE! Who cares about what someone does for the country if he is against the word of God. You incorrectly quoted scripture...that verse was not about defending a president that supports gay marriage and fact read Romans chapter 1:26-28...since we are on Romans 3:13 you need to read it in context it is simply talking about man's deprived state of being in sin. You used scripture against a Christian pointing out the truth in regards to what Obama supports. Just stop it and read your bible.

bkate38 said...

I watched the so called "outburst" by Usama Dakdok on the talk show and thought it was peculiar that the website trying to twist his words on their recording just happens to be a muslim site. I also thought it funny that no one he talked with would actually answer his question which pretty much proves he is right. As for our so called president, muslim or not he took away all laws protecting the unborn that the Bush administration had put into place so now it is legal to abort a child up to the 9th month in a pregnancy. No matter what religion he is that makes him a murderer in my book. Thousands of children are murdered daily by their parents before ever being born and your president made this possible. He is NOT a is heresy to say so.

Levi said...

Respectfully, you are mistaken, though I'm sure you won't care; facts seem not to be your forte. It is against federal law to perform a partial-birth abortion, and has been for years. Obama has done nothing to alter that, either under the Democratic Congress or the divided Congress. And a person is a Christian if he confesses Christ as Lord and believes the truths in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. All else is a matter of conscience, like eating meat sacrificed to idols. So take a blood-pressure pill, check your facts, and stop wasting your energy and other people's time posting lies and distortions on three-year-old blog entries.

Yahya Snow said...

Hi guys, there are a number of posts in this section which highlight Usama Dakdok to be a liar (yes a liar), a charlatan, a bit nutty and unscholarly to say the least:

jk89 said...

If Obama is not a Muslim then explain Obama Care. We in the US don't have enough doctors and will need more. And where will they come from? That's right the middle east which are Muslims. In this they and there family could become citizens of this great nation without even taking a citizen test. Now that's fishy and I still believe Obama is Muslim. And one day everyone will see his master plan to screw us all. I haven't seen any progress with this quack and never will. Tired of the bs he always feeds to us and we need to put a stop to it. Impeachment is the only option to fix what he has messed up. Before we know it we will be communists unless we put a stop to it. I believe in the 2nd ammendment and ready to put that to use when shit hits the fan!

dede thompson said...

Listened to Dakdok on the radio today. What he said was so insightful and truthful.God bless him for the truth. The people of the US and around the world are so blinded by the lies they are told by the media and the polititions. islam's goal is to take control of the US. And we are falling over ouselves to let them.Wake up america.

Cindy Edward said...
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Cindy Edward said...

Ha..ha.., I wonder who's right now ? Where is America heading? Not long, US will follow UK, French, Norway, Denmark and becomes one of the muslim nations (like your beloved Obama said !